WoW Connecticut limo has always been one up on keeping passengers safe and will continue to do so for years to come. There is in question, however, the U.S. airports and their X-ray scanners. Do the body scanners give off radiation and how can it be stopped?  Connecticut limo finds out a little more on the subject.

Connecticut Limo On Airports Body Scanners

Airport Scanners imageDo they or don’t they? Connecticut airport limousine  wonders on this subject and even with approximately 700+ inspections some are still skeptical. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Rapiscan Systems have gone through inspection after inspection to prove the safety behind the scanners. The tests have shown the low levels of radiation, which has been concurrent with safety standards and nationally recognized to be nonviolent to passengers. Connecticut limo is quite happy to hear this news.

No one realizes how great the scanners can really be, but folks are starting to Scanner showing gun pictureunderstand. Nowadays, with the bombings and hijacking of planes the TSA and government are taking stern action for airport safety and rightfully so. The body scanners act as a guard to anything hidden, not only in your luggage, but also in people’s actual body. With the scanners being such a useful CT limo agrees, they should also be safe for passengers. So far it is looking good, but more test will need to be done.

Safety in Connecticut Limo

CT airport limo imageTraveling in out of CT, for example from Waterbury to JFK, make sure you ask your Waterbury limo service on the safety rules for traveling, luggage and any other general question or concerns you may have. Proper vehicle choices for your group travel and airport entry always need to be considered. Wow Connecticut Limo will always be more concerned with passengers safety first and foremost.


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